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15 September 1986
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Hi! My name? Heather.

I have an incredibly boring life.

But I try to make the best of it, seeing as I have OCD, schizoaffective disorder, Static cerebral palsy, Asperger-like tendencies.... And, no, I'm not wheelchair-bound, but having CP sucks. I tend to be uncoordinated, and I drop things easily....But, hey, when life gives you lemons, make...lemon bars! (I love my cousin's desserts...including her lemon bars.)

I've changed some over the last 13 years. (I created my first account when I was 16.) A friend of mine said once: "You may just be an 'Old Soul'." That means...I may be mature beyond my years, according to her.

I am a Furry. I have 4 fursonas, one of which is a gray tabby (Name: Amy.) and I'll probably develop more as my life progresses; I also collect plushies, and one of my favorite animals is the unicorn. I began collecting at 17, although I've been a plush fanatic all my life.

Other things you should know:

I write poetry.
I like to sew (I am not very good at it...yet.)
I like photography, and I like to take candid pictures.
I do computer art.
I make greeting cards.
I am learning to sing.
I play the keyboard/piano, the tin whistle, the recorder...
I love art, and love to draw! (I am not into fan art, though I have attempted to draw it.)
I make tissue roses...(And, I don't mean tissue paper. I use Kleenex.)

I am very lazy, and well, I guess that's all you need to know!

Well, enjoy my journal, and I wish my readers the best.

~Heather (icollect)