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Sorry about the last post ending so abruptly. Mom needed to get online, plus she has no idea what I write about in here. (I had to open another tab from the menu, then click "post to icollect" here...then close the tab with my previous post in it. I am quick with the computer mouse, I must say.)

Well anyway...my mom doesn't want me to move. In fact, I just discussed the whole issue with her again about five minutes ago. Basically, we agree that I may not have enough money for a deposit, etc. on my potential place. That, and she doesn't have the money, either...and, she said she can't help me very much with the financial load I would be taking on by leaving.

Also...what the heck would happen if Obama were to eliminate the Social Security program?

We'd be up the creek, that's what! (I'm not getting into politics....But, honestly, with the economy the way it is, anything could happen. If something were to happen to my, or my mother's, income...I would have to break the lease, leaving us having to pay a fee.)

Well...on the up side of things, this may just be good for me. I would learn to be a stronger person, having to deal with what everyone else deals with in life. Budgeting, doing a lot of tidying up/cleaning, (Do not mention the word "bathroom"! EWWWWW!!!) uh...where was I? Oh: paying rent, doing bills, going food shopping (once a month. I'm hopefully going to build up a stockpile, like the extreme couponers do. I'll go to four or six...whatever...different grocery stores/drug stores each month.). although...I'm not sure how I'll get a ride, if I need to go anyplace else.

I've got doctor's appointments every month, I'd like to go a few other places too, I have an RTS bus pass...but, I'm not sure if the driver(s) will know it's a bus pass, for it's also a pass for MV transport. They're a transportation system for disabled people.

Which costs $3.00 both ways.

Well, OK...I'll deal with that when I come to it.

Maybe my parents could help with carting me around to different places. I would reserve this for grocery shopping only. Maybe I could shell out 12 dollars each month for disabled transportation, for my appointments. Then, I would take the bus to the mall, Toys 'R' Us...you know. (I still want that plushie! He is calling me! I already know I'll name him...something beginning with "R".)

Rocky? Randy, Randall...Remmy?

Who cares. I want him!

Anyway, so maybe I can make it.

I'll have to  wait.; I'm going to call the manager, in a minute. I'll post again and tell you what comes of it.




The place I was supposed to move into...the manager called, wanting to...OK, I don't know why she called. Mom wants me to call her back, and also to decide whether or not I want to move out.

Yes, that's right. It just might happen.

Mom doesn't think I'm ready at this time, due to whatever's going on with me. (See previous posts.) I sort of agree, but...I WANT OUT OF HERE SO BAD! Mom said "I don't want you to do this."


I'm now offering to be a coupon clipper, for people who...well, need coupons. I'm already trading on www.hotcouponworld.com   It's pretty fun to see if someone is actually looking for a coupon (Or two, or...count as high as you want.) that you have but don't have a use for. I know I save all of my insert coupons, hoping that someone else can use one or two of them.

I've also given away coupons to people on that site, as a RAOK. (Random Act Of Kindness.) Basically, I offered up some coupons, but also offered to print what others needed. So, I did, and yes, people wanted the coupons I offered.

Anyway...this is something I'm into now. I'M NOT SELLING COUPONS! THAT IS ILLEGAL! But, I'm offering a fee to find people what they need.

Yes, I've heard of this before.

I'm going to buy my own printer.


I ran out of Vitamin D tablets a few days ago, because the bottle was almost empty when I began my regimen. (My mom takes vitamin D. She gave me some of her supplements, and no, what I was taking wasn't anything that was prescribed, or anything. It was just a plain bottle of vitamin D, the kind you get from the grocery store.)

Anyway...now my mom thinks I might have bipolar disorder, on top of everything else. I've written my psychiatrist an e-mail, but he hasn't written me back yet.


Vitamin D

Yes...I did take a vitamin D tablet. I'm not sure, but I think it's working for me.

I'll need to keep track of my mood.


Vitamin D; plushies

Yes, I did eat a bowl of the spaghettii sauce. It was quite good, actually.

Man....I wish I could buy more plushies, without my mom having a fit. That's why I haven't bought any, in almost...a year?

I'm also pretty upset about not being able to move out. If I were able to, the very first thing I'd do (After getting situated, of course...so, make this the second thing.) is: Go onto the Toys 'R' us website. Mainly because I found a plushie who I've...well, I want him!

I'm afraid that he'll be gone by the time i move out...if I ever do. (He's in the Clearance part of the site, meaning (I think.) that he won't be there too much longer. He's also available in their store. So, I'd also look there, if he were to suddenly dissappear from the site.

Although, I can't drive. That would mean I'd have to take the bus. But...he's worth it! (I've been checking their site, periodically, just to make sure someone hasn't bought the last plushie.)

In other news...I need vitamin D. The supplement, at least. (I'm not a fan of the outdoors. Therefore, I'm not getting it from the sun.) My reason is: I bought a Luna bar (That's a nutrition bar. One that I had no idea existed.) awhile ago, for my food stockpile. I'd bought it about two weeks ago. Well, I had a sugar craving. Well, I only ate half of it.

Good thing, because immediately after finishing the half (I'd planned on eating only half of it, anyway.) I became hyper, to the point me deciding to speed-walk around the living room, just to get rid of the energy in me. Basically, what happened was I got a major sugar rush. That bar had 13 grams of sugar in it. Since I ate half, I'd consumed 7.5 grams....So, I felt so good, I decided to exercise, hence the speed-walking.

Also, I actually felt happy. I wasn't depressed any more.

OK....I read the front side of the wrapper, which said the bar had Folic acid, potassium, iron...also, vitamin D. I've heard that vitamin D helps depression. That, and the wrapper said "For women". I'm thinking that that Luna bar had something I needed in it, maybe a nutrient that I'm not getting on a regular basis?

Beats me. I'm going to discuss this with my mom. Maybe she'll sgree with me. (I haven't been happy lately, due to my mental state....So, maybe this will help.) I'll try vitamin D....Then, I'll look into Folic acid.

I'll update you all later.




Uh...I just cleaned out our nasty, dirty, downright disgusting refrigerator!

It's. So. BAD!

OK...it could be worse. Only the very bottom (the back of the bottom, under the bottom shelf...if that description makes any sense.) is plagued by...I don't know WHAT is/was in there. But, it was black, practically cememnted to the back of the fridge. It. STUNK!

I had to clean it out. (I'm not responsible for the mess, but...you know.) Well, anyway, I had to clean it out, because my mom had asked me yesterday to clean up some meat...stuff on the bottom. I'd thought "I'll just get to it later.", mainly because I'd just cleaned the kitchen, minus the tile floor. I didn't get to it, though, so, my mom asked me again, in a slightly irritated tone, to clean it up.

I started cleaning. Only to find the black...gunk. Well, most of it is off, or so I think...but, A) it still smells a little. But, I could be wrong about that, because my mom is making spaghettii sauce, and I'm not used to smelling the ingredients she's using. B) My OCD has been acting up lately, therefore, it could very well be clean...but, I still think it's contaminated.

I've got a weak stomach. So saying, my mom got impatient when I gagged.

Doesn't she know and/or understand by this time that I get grossed out very easily? ()It's not that I really minded cleaning up....But, really, I don't have a strong stomach.)

I'm not eating that sauce!




Yeah...I've got some news, here.

My mom and I WERE aiming for February to be either the month I was to move out, or just a starting point leading to it.

Well...it turns out that I'm not going anywhere...perhaps for awhile, or longer.

A) My mental health has declined significantly. My doc raised the dosage on one of my meds to stabalize me, but I'm still in Limbo with my mental state. (Read my bio, to see what I am suffering from, if you are interested.) I am not going into what's been happening with my health....Really, I don't want to be considered...well, I just don't want to be seen as a mentally ill individual. I'd just rather everyone see me as me.

B) The economy is very unpredictable at this point. My mom has applied for her Social Security, but who knows what's going to happen with that.

C) Although I can, as I see it, make it financially...I don't know. The economy could get even more unstable, which could guarantee the loss of my particular income. None of that has happened, but...right now, one just doesn't know.

See ya later,


I'm finished!

My dad brought over some DVD RW discs last night....They didn't work in my CD drive.

But, I managed to upload everything to a CD-R disc, thank goodness. So, anyway, I wrote my friend a letter, then folded up the CD in the letter. (No Scotch tape, 'cause I don't want her to tear the paper.) The manilla envelope has been addressed, stamped...it's on my front door, hanging from a magnetic metal clip.

YES! I've accomplished something more!!!


I'm making a plushie of a commentator from Fox News. He looks nothing like him, except for his outfit. Go figure. But, I'm proud of my stuffie, even if he looks wierd.

Uh, does anyone even SAY "wierd" now-a-days? I'm pretty sure they don't. Whatever.

So...I went gorcery shopping two days ago, bought stuff for me and my mother, both. (Mom needed Tylenol [generic brand.], I needed stuff as well, for my new place. I've now got two boxes of wheat pasta, one bottle of Mrs. Dash seasoning, [for my homemade soup.], plus, my mom gave me a charger for Christmas, and it's the kind that you can charge about ten devices with at one time.)

So, I ran into an old friend who works there; she gave me her e-mail, said that she is gonna move out of her parent's place; January fifth.

Goody! Now we can hang out! (Uh, my mom doesn't like this friend, 'cause she's been mean to me in the past. But, I can see she's changed, grown up, matured some (a lot, actually.) over the years. Mom sees it too, but...she says that she's afraid that my friend will revert back to her old ways. I'm not sure, either. (By the way, I used coupons. I'm not too handy with them, yet. I plan to be one of the "crazy" coupon ladies, because I like the way they...well, shop! I want to save more thanI spend!!!)


Well, anyway...see ya?



Guess what.

I made a slideshow of some pictures I've taken, put it to music...I'VE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING!

I'm not sure whether to post it here, because it's mainly for a friend of mine. (We call each other "Dude", hence the "Love ya Dude" at the end of it.)

I think I'll send it to her, then ask her if she's OK with me posting it...which, may take awhile, as I have yet to upload it to a DVD. That's the only way I want to send it, because it's special. I'll have to see about it. If she lets me post it. It's entitled, "INSPIRATION". Basically, it is a whole bunch of pictures I've taken of things that inspire me, put to music. The first song, I wrote. The second one is Amzanig Grace, sung by me...please don't laugh at my singing; this was meant to be a sentimental gift for someone. I'm not saying anyone here will be laughing...but, you never know. Third song is Jingle Bell Rock. 

I'm happyyyyyyy!!!

God bless,




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