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My psychiatrist e-mailed me...

But only after I sent him a second e-mail asking if he'd gotten the first one. Also, I asked him if my psychologist ever e-mailed him...because, my psychologist said she wanted to be in contact with him. Well, he got my e-mail, but m,y psychologist hasn't e-mailed him.

Anyway, I had an appointment with him on Thusday. He said that A) he dosn't think that the vitamin D was the cause of my happiness and energy. Really, it was the sugar in the bar. B) he really thinks that because I reacted in that way to the sugar, that I might have a metabolic disorder. (E.G., Hypoglycemia (sp?) ) I am going to have a phsysical in March, which means I can ask my pshysician. (I've also got fasting bloodwork one week before this. NOOOO!!! I can't have any coffee that morning! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!)

I'll be sooo sleepy.

OK...I signed up to get a home mailer chock-full of coupons. It came earlier in the week. I gave most of them to my mom, but the reat are up for trade on hotcouponworld. (Nobody's responded to my posts so far. I think I have some pretty darn good coupons up for trade. [BOGO, $10.00 of a cat litter system....A coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke if you buy a bag of Doritos (up to $2.09 in value.) I've got two of those.

Yes, I know...I love coupons.

I used to know someone who had Hypoglycemia, in High School. She had to eat six meals a day or she would pass out.




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