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I need to get rid of them!


Health information.

I've got loads of information on various health issues/diseases/conditions. PM me or comment here if you/anyone here wants anything.

poor_skills I've got a post there, detailing what I have up for grabs. It's all free. I'll ship it to whoever wants anything. No one has to pay anything.

Please check out my post first, though, in poor_skills



New sales journal, but no plushies in it at this time.

I'm trying to decide if I'm actually ready to part with any of them.


Stuff for sale

I posted some items for sale in sellstuff 

Just make offers; there are no set prices.

Jeez, I really need to get rid of this stuff!


Cars deal a Taget

I'm talking about the Cars movie.

FREE Cars 2 Movie Admission WYB (1)
Manufacturer Coupon -$8 off Disney’s Cars Blu-ray/DVD Combo pk printable
(makes it $16.99)

(The link is a printable coupon....But, one needs special dowloadable coupon-printing software to get the coupon. Now, the software is free, so when you try to print the coupon, you'll get a prompt to download it.

If you have spyware-detection programs, your program may see the software as a threat, but it's not.

Well...in other news, I went shopping last month, spent over $64.00....And saved over $61.00! YES!!! I RULE!!

I'm going to do a quick scan of my Amazon.com Wishlist for all of you...I've got many plushies that I will one day own...if my mother...oh, I don't know. I'll find a way to have more furry stuffed plushie friends:

Product ImageProduct Image                     Product Image

Product Image                               Product Image       Product Image

Product Image         Product ImageProduct Image

Product Image      Product Image     Product Image



Entertainment books.

Hello! I just looked at the Entertainment Book site, after seeing something on Coupons.com . The ad on the coupon site says "Entertainment books 50% off 150+ editions." So, I checked the site, which says "Today's offer: 50% off & free shipping!" Or something like that.

I read in a how to budget, save on groceries, etc. kind of book that the Entertainment books are discounted later in the year.

I'm just putting this idea out there, for anyone who wants to get a book.


I missed it again!

Well, I missed Open Mike Night...again. Tonight is the third Friday of the month, and this being said, OMN is held every first and third Friday of every month. I could try to make it tonight...but, because I completely forgot about it until now, and the fact thaty I haven't practiced very much...well, we'll see what happens.

I posted a question on an LJ comm: Are there any Open Mike Night events around (insert name of town)? I don't want to go to any bars or night clubs, and I know that many of those host poetry readings, etc. I've been to Wild Iris books; They're awesome!

Well, a few people gave some suggestions, but there was nothing that really helped. The only suggestion that I liked was a reference to a store that hosted an event like that....But, someone later posted a comment saying that the store had closed last year!

WHYYYYYYY?! Why do I have to be so isolated?

Anyway...my Paid Account expired in January. I'm not sure if I can still do anything in my Scrapbook. But, if I can, I have to delete a few pictures that for some reason aren't showing up on the pages.

And, does anyone want to know where they can find any of my plushies? I've seen some of them on eBay, specifically, ones from Dollar General and the Dollar Tree. (Check the store "My Box Full of Toys". This seller has a good reputation and very good feedback.

Although, he is selling them for more than I paid for mine.



My psychiatrist e-mailed me...

But only after I sent him a second e-mail asking if he'd gotten the first one. Also, I asked him if my psychologist ever e-mailed him...because, my psychologist said she wanted to be in contact with him. Well, he got my e-mail, but m,y psychologist hasn't e-mailed him.

Anyway, I had an appointment with him on Thusday. He said that A) he dosn't think that the vitamin D was the cause of my happiness and energy. Really, it was the sugar in the bar. B) he really thinks that because I reacted in that way to the sugar, that I might have a metabolic disorder. (E.G., Hypoglycemia (sp?) ) I am going to have a phsysical in March, which means I can ask my pshysician. (I've also got fasting bloodwork one week before this. NOOOO!!! I can't have any coffee that morning! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!)

I'll be sooo sleepy.

OK...I signed up to get a home mailer chock-full of coupons. It came earlier in the week. I gave most of them to my mom, but the reat are up for trade on hotcouponworld. (Nobody's responded to my posts so far. I think I have some pretty darn good coupons up for trade. [BOGO, $10.00 of a cat litter system....A coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke if you buy a bag of Doritos (up to $2.09 in value.) I've got two of those.

Yes, I know...I love coupons.

I used to know someone who had Hypoglycemia, in High School. She had to eat six meals a day or she would pass out.


I've wanted this one, too.

I found her before I found the other plushie:


Product Image

I've already named her Coco!

See y'all,



Hello. I've decided something.

About two years ago, I--at the suggestion of my psychologist, who desperately wants to have me get out of my comfort zone, and, out of the house doing things in general--anyway...I went to an open mic night at a bookstore/cafe in my town. Now, I play a few instruments, so I gathered my courage--and, sanity--and, played a few songs I wrote a long time ago there, during their open mic night.

That was two years ago...at least.

I want to go back and play again. They're still there, and they still have open mic night...though, it's now co-ordinated by someone else, who has "taken it in a whole new direction", according to an employee there whom I called to see if their shedule for this is still the same. Ironically, the night I went, it was the old co-ordinator's last night as a co-ordinator.

Figures. Now I'll have to worry about their new formatting (I'm not sure if that's the right word.) of the night. (Their rules, scheduling,  etc.) One used to be able to walk in every first or third Friday of the month and get a "spot", and be able to play that night.

I've planned in the past to go there, but something has come up every time. Either I'd forget about it, I'd fall asleep early that night...once, my mom hurt her foot the night I was supposed to go.

I'll have to see if this is do-able this time around. It's next week. I'll have plenty of time to practice.

GOD!!! I WANT REMMY...Randall, or whatever his name is...SOOO BAD!!!


Zhu Zhu Pets Huggable Buddy - Mr. Squiggles -  The Bridge Direct - Toys"R"Us


(i just copied this from the Toys 'R' Us website.)





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